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Hawaiian Polynesian Revue

Linda “Atea” Evans has been performing and teaching Polynesian dance for over 20 years. She has learned from Kumus Keith Awai, Hannnah Gleason, Tina Momalani Eggert, Ray Fonseca, Kealii Ceballos, Chinky Mahoe, Iwalani Tseu, Aureana Tseu, Nalani Keale, and June Tanoue. She has also studied with renown instructors Roiti Sylva, Moeta Pihana, Tiana and Rikki Liufau of Nono Sina Polynesia, Charlene Hereford, Linda Shelton, Karoline Mariteragi, Marian Harris, Losa Manumaluena, the Butler family, Lafi Manumaluena, Fran Galeai, Kona Kaleikini, Medley Key, Dano & Ose Makua, and my friend Barbie "Kuupo" Domingo with Halau Ho'o Mau I Ka Wai Ola O Hawaii in Maryland.

Linda serves on the staff at COCA in St. Louis and is a member of Hula Midwest Association. She has been blessed to have attended Merrie Monarch on four separate occasions on the Big Island of Hawaii and felt honored to have met Uncle George Naope, Kumu Mahaina Bailey at the Aloha March of 2000 and 2002, and Royal Order of Kamehameha I. Hawaiian Polynesian Revue was one of the original members of Dance St. Louis.

Linda has performed with Cyril Pahinui, Makaha Sons, "Mango" Stephens "the singing Paniolo", and Learnard T. Zinn with Tommy Brooks at the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame Convention along with her other hula sisters. She has enjoyed meeting Ola and her performance with the Cazimero Brothers, the voices of Amy Gillion, Willie K, Awana Zalizar, and Hoku Zuttermeister and Dennis Kamakahi and Kapena at the Aloha Jam in Los Angelos and the Tahari Family at the San Jose Tahiti Fete.

She has been influenced by the Clark Brothers, Duey, and Clark Clayton. She attended her church Graceland College in Iowa and made aware of Hawaii’s desire for sovereignty through Butch kekahu in Kauai who has gone on to the islands of Kupunas with our Heavenly Father. To all of you, much Mahalo for these experiences. Aloha nui loa, to my hula Ohana!

Linda, as Kumu (teacher) enjoys sharing the dances of her Polynesian culture with her Hula sisters past, present, future, the members of the Hawaiian Polynesian Revue, her students, and everyone who enjoys the Aloha of the Polynesian culture. The group is also known as "Makua Hula O Anela", and "Arioi de Tamatoa" has shared their mana acrross the country since 1994.

Linda Atea hopes to do more traveling and expand the experience of Polynesia with future seminars and expansion of a permanent location in the near future. Presently she teaches performes and shares the Polynesian dances with adults, keikis "children" and humana "students" Linda's goal is to share her Aloha and manao with everyone.